Our Focus is to Co-Fund Defensive Driver Education Throughout High Schools for Provisional Drivers Across Queensland. 


This is such a great course and should be a test everyone should do. It would make a massive difference in accidents. And thanks.
(May 2018)
                                     - NASH H

Just brilliant. This course should be set compulsory for all learner drivers. I got so much out of it and learned so much. 
(May 2018)
                                                                                         - ADAM H

I feel every high school should have to do this as they give a lot of information about driving and the risk and dangers that could happen when driving alone.
(May 2018)
                                    - RHIANNA P

The amount of deaths on the road for young teens is scary and I want to learn how to be a safer driver and I HAVE!! I have gained information about safe driving that I didn't even know. It hasn't only helped me become a better driver, but a safer, more observant driver. Thank you so much for your time and knowledge. It is an experience I will never forget.
(May 2018)
                                                                                                                                     - KYRA H

I think this course should be mandatory to all young drivers as well as older drivers who may have become slightly complacent.
(April 2018)
                                                                                                   - EBONY N

I have gained a much more safer way to drive and learnt many ways to stop a bad accident. 3 seconds could save your life. It was great fun. Worth the money because I feel like I have learnt safer ways to drive.
(May 2018)
                                   - RIELEY S

When you get your license and are the driver you're responsible for the lives of everybody in the car and on the roads. Driving is a privilege. The course was very informative and is essential to being a safe driver. Thank you (May 2018) 
                                    - JARED S

This has been the most important information I've ever learnt. 5 stars - 10/10. Everybody should do this. (March 2018)
                                                                                              - JILENA M

This course humbled me and I realised I am not as good as I once thought.  I learned alot.
(March 2018)
                               - CAMERON C

This was an eye opening experience. I would recommend this to any road user. I think it should be a requirement before driving on public roads. Thank you for this experience.
(April 2018) 
                                     - ISLAY C

This was an awesome course taught by awesome people. (Aug 2017)
                                     -  ZACK L

My Mum recommended I do the course as I have had a couple of near miss spin-outs in the wet. I now have a safer style and approach to driving and awareness of all the things that could go wrong, and how to avoid them.
(Oct 2017)
                                                                                                                                      - MAXI E

I was not confident in learning to drive with just family and friends, so I went to the only people I knew.
(June 2017)
                                        - JACOB L

A lot of knowledge and guidance from both the car educators and the classroom teachers. I have become a lot more aware and responsible.
(July 2017)
                                                                                                  - JADE C

This program should be compulsory to all students 16 - 18 years old. Awesome. 100% will be recommending to all my younger family members. (June 2017)
                                                                                        - JAZMIN F

Roadcraft is an amazing and interesting experience. I wouldn't have wanted to learn to drive without it. 10/10
(May 2017)
                                                                                          - MIKKI D

I think I have gained valuable info on how to prevent potentially dangerous situations on the road. The course was fun and interactive and I feel like I will now be able to improve my driving safety.
(April 2017)
                                                                                                                                - JESSICA V

So many skills that will help prevent crashes and so many things that have made me realise the responsibility that comes with driving
(May 2017)
                                                                                                                                                     - ALICIA B

I believe everyone should attend this course so as to improve all drivers and make roads safer.
(March 2017)
                                    -  AYNN R

From this course I have learnt about how important observation is while driving. The course was very informative and made me so much more aware of how 1 second can mean such a big difference.
                                                                                                                                                       - SALLY W

This course was excellent and definitely exceeded my expectations. It was very worth my while.
(June 2016)
                                 - VENDELLA P

I absolutely loved Roadcraft. Peter, Rod and the other educators are an invaluable knowledge source that I'll remember forever.
(April 2016)
                                                                                        -SARAH G 

Driving is a big part of life. I thought that because there are 4 deaths a day in Australia, I don't want to be one of those. I have gained knowledge about not only being a good driver but a safe driver.
(Oct 2016)               
                                    - RICKY F

The facilities here are great! Everything is clean and welcoming, including staff. This course was VERY beneficial and worth the money. I will be making sure my sisters come in the future.
(June 2016)

                                                                                                                                    -  KARA C

The course was extremely professional and the instructors experienced. This should be a mandatory course before getting P's.
(March 2016)
                         - LACHLAN D

I have gained so much. I've learnt about using my vision, taking into account all the people behind me and the responsibility I have as a driver to ensure the safety of everyone around me including my vehicle.
(May 2016)
                                                                                                                   - KATE S

My parents wanted me to do this course and I also wanted to do it so I could learn to be a safer driver. Lots of information and tips on how I can improve my driving to be as safe as possible.
(March 2016)
                                                                                                                                  - SOPHIE S

It would be great to get community funding to enable more of our students to complete this course. The cost does prevent a number of students from participating, even though if it is an investment in their future/safety. All driving instructors should do this course.
(June 2015)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - ALICIA R

I learnt ‘Heaps’! The push pull steering, looking ahead, trust your peripheral vision, every driver wants to kill you - cars are capable - humans are not.
(March 2015)
                                   -CAITLIN M